Most tools used for anatomy teaching are textbooks, dissections and prosections of cadavers.

To gain an in depth understanding of anatomy, there is no substitution for hands-on experience of cadavers however, access to cadavers can be problematic.

Current educational tools have a number of shortcomings

Human Cadavers

  • Access to cadavers can be problematic. Many countries cannot access cadavers for cultrural and religious reasons

  • Cadavers cost a lot money

  • High cost for establishing your own plastination suite

  • Wet specimens cannot be used in uncertified labs

  • Dissection of cadavers is a lot of staff time and that is a cost

  • Storage of cadaver material needs special refrigeration etc. which has coast

  • If you want another specimen you have to start all over again


  • Costs

  • Ethical issues

  • Timeframe for plastination process

  • Many countries do not allow their imporation

  • Not soft so user cannot move things aside

Advantages of our Human Anatomy Reproductions

Anatomically accurate and identical to real specimen

No ethical issues - not real human body parts

Reasonably priced

Available within a short lead time

Reproducible, several identical prints can be used as a classroom set

Can be produced in different sizes to cater for the needs of the teacher

Changing the future of medical education

... be a part of it!

3D Anatomy Series


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